Visual AIDS Benefit!!!


Over 1,600 works exhibited and sold. The Armory of miniatures...

Of the ones that weren't obvious big name artists- and what was left by noon on Saturday- I thought these were particularly stunning.

Line work. The one on the left is a disfigured/deconstructed US. Black hole in the middle, ripped paper. More spindly stuff on the right

The one on the left used pen under resin, making the ink bleed when it was coated. Delicious. The middle one screams Rio. A painting? Dynamite. All the way to the right is a bark-cloth looking thing.

Color scheme/line heavy abstracts frame a layered & cut acrylic piece.


Filmmaker Shoval Zohar • Mixed Media Artist Kristin Reger • Designer Jozenda Fernandez

Shoval Zohar • Kristin Reger • Jozenda Fernandez (red dots indicate our respective pieces)


Despite the characteristic NY overcrowding, this was the most well-organized large-scale show I've ever participated in or attended...

I wish I got some of the drag. It was serious.