Visiting Artist:: School of the Art Institute Chicago

I visited the lovely Tommy Walton's fabulous accessory design class last week. Here are some of the samples I showed the students to get their brains going on using their own textiles:

This technique is Arashi Shibori on very porous, crisp organiza silk. The stripes are achieved by folding and wrapping the fabric around pvc piping and binding it down with twine of the desired thickness. I learned this from the incredible Akemi Cohn who teaches at Lill Street Art Center in Chicago.

This piece is more traditional tie dye on muslin. I used common household dye and metallic gouaches to achieve the variety in richness and opacity. This obviously wouldn't work for clothes, but is fine for mixed media work. The embellishment is hundreds of glass pearls, all hand sewn. The weight of the pearls on the light fabric drastically changes the drape- an interesting fact that can be manipulated to incorporate into an inventive garment's construction.

Looking goofy in SAIC's new digs: Tommy Walton, Chicago based designer and couturier (right). Kristin Reger, mixed media artist, currently residing in New York City (left)