Textile Textures:: Green Integral

This is a new, very detailed line drawing I've just completed titled "Green Integral"; I've started a Violet version as well. Medium is ink on gessoed paper. Size is 11" x 11". Small but seductive.

Macro detail: I used Le Pens, Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, third-rate gel ink pens from Staples, and Farb-Riese colored pencils (the new jam).

Zoom in: Truly, one would go at least cross-eyed, if not insane from having to sit still for this long. It required listening to the same Cut Copy and Lindstrøm tracks more times than I'm inclined to admit. Black coffee, Euro/Austro trash, art or bust.

Wallpaper view: If you unraveled all of the line and placed it end-to-end, it would cross Manhattan (or some other less-significant, smallish island) 7 times. [citation needed]