What is (my) art for?

I have a long awaited show opening May 23rd. And I know not what I do.

Part 1: Potential Titles.
Flores Comunes

Part 2: Why.
I´m interested in decoration, partially because it is somewhere between the abstract and representational, but also because it surrounds us everywhere in the human world: a home, an outfit, a restaruant, a dorm room, a cubicle. Decoration provides personality, comfort, comunication of ideals, aspirations, social mores.

It also falls somwhere between design and chaos, and can be on either end of that spectrum. Design may work off of intuition, but is ultimately pre ordaned. Chaos has it´s own order too, but in this case works intuitively and a spiraling response to previous motions to create it.

I am an artist versus an interior decorator or a designer because I am interested in bending how decoration functions. I still want it to be pleasing, as all is in some sense, but I also want it to be confusing, unorthodox, even psychedelic. If the aim is to create beauty or aesthetic pleasure, I want my work to do this somewhere between intellectualism and hedonism: amusement of the senses as the initial, an examination of why and how shortly afterward.

I don´t use space age materials, but rather one of the oldest homes of decoration: fabric. I most often use old techniques: binding, tying, sewing, dying have been done for thousands of years. So has painting, and I´m certainly not the first artist to throw paint on a canvas (bound or otherwise) and call it a day. Firstly, my approach is somewhat that of an outsider, as I know more about design princeples than conceptual art. Coming out of this is a proud irreverence for well studied techniques: embroidery, shibori. I am free to use them as I please.

I nthe age of the machine.... meaning the computer.... there is still the craft of doing something for its sake and doing it well. These archaic arts (hand rendering anything that, to be considered well done, commands a mathematical, dictated attention to order and detail) are beautiful and beautifull for their own sake. But what beyond.

Like the expressionist temporarily throwing linear perspectives out the door, I say damn the correct way. Skills will come to me, like all others, who work and study, but later in life because for now I will use and basterdize any and every craft I feel necessary to accomplish and acertain a single goal: Decorative Abstraction.